Yes, Living is Awkward

by One Winded Kid

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recorded with a phone
from a couch
in a garage


released June 3, 2015



all rights reserved


One Winded Kid Denver, Colorado

this is how i grow

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Track Name: A Thought Process
On Mercury I'm 84. On Jupiter I'm 2.
Kind of makes me wonder: what's a lot and whats a few?
Here on earth we all forget the sky's not really blue.
7 billion sets of eyes and I still look for you.
On Mercury I'm 84, On Jupiter I'm 2.
Kind of makes me wonder: what's old and what is new?
Perspective says it all, but we don't talk about the view.
Here on earth we can't exist- unless for revenue.
Either way I'm getting old and either way it's true;
I'm getting out of bed today to make a buck or two.
While the water's getting toxic and the sky's not really blue.
7 billion sets of eyes and I still look for you.
Track Name: Bloom
Who's to blame when we're all gone?
What's my name, or does it matter?
Cause we could philosophize all day long,
and dude no one would know what the fuck is going on.
But if we're the same, then I'm beautiful.
In every person I've found a good view:
a mountainous heart and a cavernous brain
connected by a river bending through their veins.
We're all little gardens of love and hate.
We're all little ever changing landscapes.
You are a perfectly placed stack of fractal shapes,
and I want to go explore, and more, cultivate.
Track Name: Wastoid Creep
Get up off the floor from liquor lake views on the tile.
We've been at it for awhile.
Smoke rings and extension chords from christmas lights
through bedroom doors where we'll have more
than you can afford.

So check your pulse or join us when
you feel the red rush to your head
you're still my friend, but I'm slightly dead.
And matching time I'm moving slow toward
city lights you wanna go.
You're laying low, don't think that I don't know.

You must be thinking that I'm a burn out, drop out,
broke line spinner.
Well, fuck I guess you're right.
Cause I ate my weight in words for dinner.
You must be thinking that I'm a wastoid creep
that talks to ceilings.
I understand why I'm so unappealing.
I understand why I'm so unappealing.
Track Name: but, here's the kicker
What bothers me most is that there's no real point
when someday I'll be in the ground with plants growing out of my mouth.
In 200 years no one'll know who I was, and hey,
I think that's fine. So why should I have to try
to convince anyone I see a purpose in all of this time
when I don't even want it?
Oh, at least I can be honest.
But I feel like a drag, and it sucks to confirm that I am
with the help of these sleepless nights,
and your eyes and accomplice;
to what bothers me most.
What bothers me most.